While all are free to explore our beliefs and practices, The Church of the Entheogenic Saints has an official membership for those who want to commit to continue unfolding the Restoration in our unique way.

To join the church, we will need you to contact us with your name and an affirmative answer to the following questions:

  1. Have you read and understand all of the Frequently Asked Questions?
  2. Do you know and believe in the Articles of Faith?
  3. Do you sincerely hold the beliefs, teachings, and practices of The Church of the Entheogenic Saints as your own?
  4. Have you joined us in at least 3 of our fellowshipping meetings?
  5. Do you covenant to partake of the Sacrament wisely?
  6. Do you understand that the church is unable to provide legal assistance in the event of governmental religious persecution?

If you would like some sort of initiation ceremony, such as a baptism or confirmation, to celebrate your conversion this can be arranged with the aid of several church members.

While not required, the church does offer membership cards. These cards are a tangible representation of your beliefs, which in the event of governmental religious persecution can help illustrate your religious sincerity and the centrality of our Sacrament to your worship. These cards expire every 2 years in order to show that this is a continual belief that is held. Contact the church if you are a member that would like to request a membership card.