Articles of Faith

Creating “Articles of Faith” which describe the basic beliefs of a church is a time-honored tradition across the Restoration. We are proud to be embodying this tradition with our own beliefs.

Our Relationship With God

1. We believe in the Divine, which is known by many names and encountered in various forms across all cultures and peoples of the world.

2. We believe in embracing truths from all sources and rejecting oppressive and harmful doctrines.

3. We believe that the Divine continues to speak to humanity today and commit to remaining open to these continuing revelations.

Our Relationship with Worship

4. We believe in our freedom to worship the Divine in our own way, and affirm others’ right to do the same provided it does no harm.

5. We believe that our entheogenic sacrament, psilocybin mushrooms, is our most powerful tool for connecting with the Divine, and emphasize communal discernment and ethical stewardship in its use.

6. We believe in continually reexamining our worship practices to ensure that no harm is done, and commit to revising our texts every April 6th in this pursuit.

7. We believe in selecting Entheomaguses who are not only familiar with the Sacraments, but are also committed to the well-being of those they are guiding.

8. We believe in worshiping safely by being mindful of the amount of the Sacrament being consumed, the mindset of the worshippers, and the setting of the worship.

9. We believe in the fundamental equality of all individuals, reject hierarchical structures that perpetuate inequality, and affirm that every person holds unique gifts which contribute to our community and humanity as a whole.

Our Relationship with One Another

10. We believe in honoring our spiritual Restoration heritage, while reinterpreting it to meet the needs of our own day.

11. We believe in fostering unity among all people and strive to create peace, safety, and comfort for all.

12. We believe in creating and upholding just laws and condemning and dismantling unjust laws.

13. We believe in actively being honest, compassionate, and moral, and we diligently pursue all that is virtuous, admirable, and praiseworthy.